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Salesium is a unique platform that helps you network with other professionals in your community, and improve communication with your customers to build lasting relationships.

Connect with professionals in your community in other industries. Share your trusted partner on your Storefront, and they share your information on their page. Your connections’ customers are exposed to you as a trusted professional in your industry. The small effort of adding the pros you already know, just the people you already buy from, can give you a presence with 1,000’s of customers.

It is about people

What makes a great purchase and service experience?

It is about the person and their commitment to give a excellent experience to every customer. Salesium is built to showcase the best professionals, and encourage customers to choose where they buy based on the pros that will take care of them.

Communication that customers want

The secret to lasting relationships with customers is communicating in the way they want, when they want.

We created a unique communication function that lets pros and customers message, share, and collaborate in one place to and from their favorite platforms. Customers like a text, want a Facebook message, more regularly read email, Ping them.

Customers can dictate how they want your messages, and from one place you can send it. Your customers can even specify when they want you communicate and how often.

Salesium for every kind of pro

we are live!

Hello World! We are proud to announce we have launched Salesium. Ask us about getting the first look. Click to contact us and find out more. Feedback is vital so we can build a social business environment that does what you need to grow your business.

If you are interested in being an investor take a test drive first. Find out why we are so excited. Getting to the top is more rewarding when you start on the ground floor.