Salesium is packed with unique features that make building relationships easier and more rewarding.  Customers can find the perfect Pro and communicate with our Ping messaging system that is built for privacy and security.

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Take your Organization to the next level with our Organization pages and Pro networking

Ping a revolutionary new way to message

Pings combine the best features of email and social media posting.  Your message can be sent to individual users, groups, or posted in a feed.  Use #’s to filter or search messages in a click.  

Want to invite a new person to the conversation and aren’t sure if they are a Salesium member?  Just add their email address to the Ping and Salesium will send the message and either ask an existing user to join your conversation, or invite a guest to see the conversation and decide to join.

Users can even decide when and where they want to receive their Pings.  Use the settings to dictate an allowable schedule, down to the hour when you want messages, and choose whether they get sent to your email, mobile, or only inside Salesium.  Total privacy any time you want it.

CareScore show the world your customers love you

CareScore is a one of a kind rating system that helps customers find super star Pros.

Customers are randomly given the opportunity to rate from 1 to 5 stars how caring the communication is from a Pro they are Pinging.  Instead of focusing on product quality and pricing the CareScore measures the how caring Pros are.  

The person serving you creates your experience, and Salesium measures how you will be treated.

Storefront network with Pros and Customers

The heart of Salesium is the ability to network with other Pros and market to large numbers of Customers with minimal effort.  Storefront accomplishes both of these, and takes seconds to build.

Every Pro receives a free Storefront.  This webpage is indexed with search engines for maximum public exposure, and shown to all your Customers, and connected Pros Customers.

Each time you connect with a local Pro you have the opportunity to add them as a Pro Pick on your Storefront, and they can do the same for you.  Customer views can add up fast.  If you connect to 10 Pros, people you already know, and add each other as Pro Picks and each of you have 100 customers you all of the sudden gain 1,000 Customers that see you as a trusted Pro in your Industry.

Can you imagine another way you can shake 10 hands and gain 1,000 potential customers?  Plus it is completely free.

Brand new! Organization pages to network and share referrals.

Salesium Organization pages are a directory of connected Pros and a news column.  Pros can request an Organization, and once approved invite and accept new Pro users.  

Each Pro in the directory links to their StoreFront and can be Pinged from their information card.  In one centralized location your entire Organization can message to share referrals and information, and open up StoreFronts to do business with other members.

This is perfect for Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Business Networking Groups, and any other group of Pros that can potentially build their businesses together.